Susie Hansen-July24, 2009

susie hansen latin band

Salsa Fridays at the Whittier Radisson have been a tradition for over ten years. Personally, I’ve been going to this summertime event for more than five years and always have a great time. There are too many things to love about going to this outdoor pool party: the people, the food and of course the music! The Susie Hansen Band is the main attraction every Friday evening at this Whittier Radisson. With their trademark flutes, congas and violin they play and endless selection of salsa favorites for the consistent and diverse crowd.


This is a great place to go for a pre-party warm-up with friends or solo.  There is no cover charge, and drinks range from $5-$9. Party starts at 6:00 p.m and most people arrive early. If you prefer to arrive fashionably late as I do, prepare stand around with the rest of us, mingle and blend.