Federico Aubele – Oct 16, 2009

Federico Aubele Live at the Troubador in Los Angeles

Federico Aubele and his band performed at the Troubador in West Hollywood on October 16. The show was great and there was small meet and greet after the performance for those loyal fans. Unfortunately we arrived late to the show and only caught a percentage of the event, but that was enough for us to know it was an amazing performance.

Being a fan of his music, I really looked forward to checking out this event, as the first time I saw Federico Aubele perform he was  opening  for Morcheeba, and did not perform with a live band. This event was much different; there was a live band, the crowd seemed seemed to be composed of all his fans, and there was a guest female singer.


Since we arrived late we only caught about 3 full songs, still, it was enough for us to appreciate his musical talent and join the energy of the crowd and the band.  Shortly after the event Federico became available for a quick meet and greet. We met him and also had a chance to exchange a few words with Carol Cardeñas, who was accompanying him with the vocals in this occasion.  Carol is the lead singer of Si-Se, a band based in NY. From Checking out their site and previewing some of their music, its definitely a band I would like to check out in the future.


Overall I really enjoyed this event. Federico Aubele is a very talented musician, and his compositions are a nice blend of melodic rhythms with a touch of electronica, folk and rock. Yeah, his music style is a bit hard to describe.  I regret arriving late to this event. LA traffic can be inconsistent at night and I should know better by now.  I will be waiting patiently till the next time Mr. Aubele is in town. In the mean time I will continue listening to his music and checking out some of his videos on YouTube. Till next time.

Federico Abuele’s Website: federicoaubele.com
Federico Aubele’s My Space Page: myspace.com/aubele
Si-Sé’s website: sisenyc.com