Escuela De Rock-Alborde August 1, 2009

escuela de rock-alborde 08/07/09

School on a Saturday was never appealing as I was growing up, but Escuela de Rock certainly changed that perspective for me on August 1, 2009. Escuela de Rock was sponsored by online community that features “Rock en Espanol” artists, articles, interviews, videos and much more. El Gallo Plaza comfortably accommodated the impressive crowd as they all listened attentively to a group of musicians from bands like Chencha Berrinches (Oscar Loera), Fatima (Cesar Villa), Los Abandoned (Moises Baqueiro), and Jumbo (Bugs Gonzalez). Each artist featured a different instrument such as: guitar, bass, drums, and vocals. They provided attendees with tips, and anecdotes on their experiences as performers. I sat in on Oscar’s session on guitar, and it was admirable how he took his time answering questions for the youngest of his fans regarding everything from, “Were you good the first time you started playing guitar?” to “How do I start my own band?” His overall message didn’t only encompass having passion for his instrument, but also stressed dedication and ambition.


The day flew by quickly with great surprises around every corner like: networking sessions, panels, t-shirts for everyone, lunch, lots of Jarritos, Monster energy drinks, and plenty of time to ask every question regarding music, Rock, and instruments. One of the highlights, by far, was the All-star jam session that topped the day. All four musicians got together and played hits such as Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” and other classic tunes. Since it was open to all ages, we saw from the youngest elementary-school participant to one that might already have some years of experience playing music either through hobby or professionally.  I think one of the best parts of the day for me was observing that special twinkle of inspiration in a child’s eye as they believed for a moment, that possibly, that could be them on that stage one day strumming passionately on that electric guitar…

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