Zak Astor at Mama Juanas Oct 11 2009


The future of Salsa, my friends, has been discovered at Mama Juana’s. Zak Astor, the 16-year old Los Angeles Salsa sensation has catapulted into the scene. I’d been waiting for this moment to enjoy his entire show from beginning to end and man did he deliver!


Boasting some of the youngest musicians I have yet to see in the Los Angeles salsa bands, his orquesta played endless salsa classics. It was difficult to peel my eyes off the stage and the dance floor for that matter. Like a starstruck groupie, I approached Zak after his set. He admitted that some of the band members were new additions, but hey I couldn’t tell. All I heard was a fantastic ensemble of exquisite music.

Like the seasoned musicians of Zak Astor’s orquesta cheered that night, “Un applauso para la joventud!”