Very Be Careful CD release party at Monte Cristo – April 9, 2010

We all know…a party with Very Be Careful is a party like no other. Regardless, their CD release celebration April 10th at the Monte Cristo was legendary! Devoted fans filled the venue and danced to both VBC classics and new tunes from their latest CD: Escape Room, in 3D!

The party was amazing in every sense of the word. We were entertained with a performance from Ska Band- The Bohunks to start off the night. “Are we at the right place?” I asked, as we entered the fabulous setting and I heard the familiar melodies of trombone and saxophone that are associated to the genre. We walked in to see a splendorous stage, large dance floor, elaborate drapes and lights. I fell in love with the Monte Cristo instantly, and thought what a perfect place! The Bohunks played some classic numbers, which included ska, two-tone and reggae, and got the crowd to warm up before the headliners of the night took the stage.

Very Be Careful started their set late into the night, the crowd welcomed them and savored their Cumbia as they sang along to lyrics that they recognized and quickly took to the new additions to their repertoire. In the Escape Room, Very Be Careful stays loyal to their traditional Colombian Vallenato style with songs like La Furgoneta, Sin Consuelo, El Hospital and many more. My personal favorites have always been their faster rhythms like El Viajero del Tiempo.

Aside from checking out my favorite bands, I love to find cool new venues, it’s my thing. I think location can definitely kill it for me if it’s not right, and there are places that I try to avoid because of that. Club Monte Cristo was wonderful and I hope to see more events at this place again very soon! Very Be Careful, along with The Bohunks, definitely shined this night!