La Santa Cecilia, Ruido De Fondo, Dirty Hands, La Santa Maria, at Bordellos – Jan 30, 2010

I watched the crowd from the balcony as they invaded Bordello’s on Saturday night. Some were dancing, some were socializing, but most were drawn to the numerous talents we had on stage that night. I had been waiting impatiently for a long time to listen to La Santa Maria. I wasn’t to familiar with Ruido de Fondo and Dirty Hands, but I was pleasantly surprised and quickly got these two on my radar.

Dirty Hands performing live at Bordellos

La Santa Maria took the stage first followed by the Dirty Hands, Ruido de Fondo and topping it off was La Santa Cecilia. All of the bands had a great repetoire of music but the Dirty Hands in particular, had me ignoring my Chardonnay the most. The electric guitar of this band sent chills right through my high-heeled boots and had me believing Santana himself was on that stage. The Dirty Hands were very in tune with each other and had me desperately searching for a demo or CD that I could take and blast those kids all the way home, and that I did! Thanks guys, we hope to be promoting that CD here very soon (I know, I know we’re working that music shop!).

Ruido de fondo live at Bordellos in downtown Los Angeles
Should I continue to rave about my one and only La Santa Cecilia (LSC)? You know I love these guys. I loved them mucho mas when they had me high-fiving the chica next to me as we belted lyrics from Ramon Ayala’s Tristes Recuerdos. “I didn’t understand these songs that my parents listened when I was a kid. But now I know, it was about them and their stories. Y ahora estas borracheras son nuestras!” yelled Marisoul, lead singer of LSC.. Ay Mari, what can top a Saturday night with LSC, and a little vino? Absolutely Nothing!


I walked out the door, high-heeled boots in hand, sad to see it end. As the cool Los Angeles air fell upon my face, I smiled, because I knew another great Saturday night was right around the corner…

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