Festival Peruano 2011 at Pico Rivera Sports Arena – July 24, 2011

On this all-day Peruvian Festival,  people from many nationalities joined as one and celebrated the Peruvian independence day with great music, dancing and of course Peruvian food. The warm afternoon began with a pageantry, followed by some cultural dances and a late afternoon filled with great musical acts.

The Pico Rivera Sports arena has become a staple for great cultural celebrations and independence day festivals, this afternoon was filled with many energetic performances and great tropical music that went late into the evening.

Some great acts included Renzo Padilla, Luisito Carrion, Bartola, Grupo Nectar, Chato Grados and Jose Alberto “El Canario”. The event host Tula Rodriguez kept the crowed engaged as various acts took the stage.