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We are music fans. With so much information scattered online, the idea for this website began with our constant need for new events to attend and to keep an organized calendar of upcoming shows. Having searched many pages for live music events, we wanted to create a place where information would be quickly found. We hope you enjoy our constantly evolving calendar and please let us know how we can improve this site.


henry-tribute-to-the-stageHenry (technical contact,  web-masta, designer turned nice guy)
I’m always looking for new events. Having gone through my phases of music (disco, 80s, 90s, hip hop, spanish rock, electronica, ska, alternative, salsa, eclectic ) I think I’ve arrived at a point where I can begin appreciating music in general, from the ethnic to the modern. Having attended many concerts, I think live music cannot be described, it can only be experienced. I can remember essentially every live event I’ve attended. I may not remember who I went with, but I remember who I saw, where it was and what song I liked the best.  I bet you can relate. Enjoy the rest of the site. henry [at] tributetothestage.com

Sonia (writer, administrator, cumbia-connoisseur).  I come from a small town, where the seasons were identified by the type of fruits and vegetables that were growing around us. sonia carrill tribute to the stage The excitement would grow every time the rodeo came to town, because that was when we would have Tex-Mex and Banda stars such Emilio Navaira, Johnny Canales, and The Vallarta Show illuminate the stage. In my adolescent years, Cumbia pulsed at every party with Selena and “Rock en Espanol” boomed with groups like Enanitos Verdes and Hombres G. My first exposure to “tropical” music was through a popular television program called, Sabado Gigante.  That’s where, at a young age, I became a fan of artists such as Juan Luis Guerra, Jerry Rivera, and Willy Chirino. It wasn’t until I went to college and moved closer to the big city of Los Angeles, that I got to go to my first Salsa club and danced my first rumba. The rhythm became so intoxicating that I was immediately addicted. I’ve grown up with a range of musical genres, and maintained my loyalty throughout the years, but I’m always seeking new musicians and bands with interesting compositions and  beats. A live event to me is about experiencing that unique moment with the artist, with the people, with the city…
sonia [at] tributetothestage.com

Final Thoughts

Tribute To The Stage is about the connection between the performers, the performance and the individual experience. We know there are no words that can describe everything that happens in a live event. We attempt to share our experience with you the reader, not as music experts or event reviewers, but as music fans. We hope you enjoy our blogs and look forward to meeting you on the next event.


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