Grupo Niche, Sonora Matancera at Quiet Cannon – October 9, 2010

“…Sigo pensando, en amarte una vez mas, pero mi corazon dice que no, dice que no!” The Colombian community flooded Quiet Cannon on October 9th to welcome one of their own, El Grupo Niche to Los Angeles. The crowd erupted singing lyrics from every song that poured out of the infamous salsa band. Read More

Mr. Vallenato at Commerce Casino – September 10, 2010

Commerce Casino was on fire when Mr Vallenato took over on the night of September 10th. What a treat to see Los Angeles City’s King of the Accordion. What a treat it was to see Mr. Vallenato master the keys of an instrument that he played with more soul that I’ve ever beared witness to. Read More

Gustavo Galindo at El Gallo Plaza – September 10, 2010

Gustavo Galindo put on a great performance at El Gallo Plaza. This free event, part of Al Borde’s Acoustic Sessions, is where many local and international artists showcase their music to a young an energetic audience. On this night Gustavo Galindo opened for Cuevo Perez , another great local artist. Read More

Babasonicos, Mexican Institute of Sound, at the The BookBindery – hosted by Heineken – August 27, 2010

Beer maker Heineken hosted a great event, and brought many international artists for a night of fun. Check out the photos.  Read More

Palenke Soultribe at Sunset Junction – August 22, 2010

Palenke Soultribe put on a powerfully charged show at Sunset Junction. Their Latin influenced electronic music had the crowd dancing and sweating in the middle of the heat. Read More